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Art Request?

Hi, everyone. I'm new here, and I'm not sure of the protocol for this, and the rules weren't very clear on this. ^^;; I need some help with artwork.

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Van art

...I don't believe I've ever posted to this community before but I suppose now I have something to show, I'll say hello~

Van. Faith : Disease.Collapse )


Hi people! Long time no type ^^ Em... I haven't logged in LJ for a while now, so I'd like to contribute with some oekaki's I did some weeks ago.
They're not good at all, I'm just starting.. don't hit me >o<
I'll start reading the entries I missed in this period.

  Haha, Take care everyone 8D


Title: Chibi-Luke
Artist: chocolate_980
Characters: LUKE FON FABER
Rating: G/works safe..
Spoilers: his swim suit.. err.. kind of XD
Link: (Click-Here)

Tales of Abyss - AschLuke art

Some new art XD

Both AschxLuke o.o
One will be the futures 2nd cover of my doujin XD
anyway, enjoy!

New member

Hello, there. Just recently joined. And, is kind of bold to show you some of the fanarts I've made for this fandom. Warning: Two of the images are rather large, because my scanner likes to widen things.

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Thoughts? And, don't worry. I won't spam this comm with my craptastic art. 8D;; I'm not that great of an artist, yet.

So, enjoy?

ToA Beach draw 2

Beach v2.0 XD
I fixed the painting of my "beach fanart". Ithink it's better like this.
I don't know why LJ keeps making it smaller, though...

Beach play!

Some ToA drawing I did while on Iguaçu Falls (I had nothing to do at night on the hotel, what did you expect? XD)
I painted it yesterday and today's morning >.>
Hope you like it xP

Characters: Luke, tear and Anise (in swinsuits! ^___^)

Behind the fake cut >.>Collapse )
I introduced myself at talesoftheabyss and decided to join this community too.
I like to draw so I have 2 fanarts to share.

Title: luke
Artist: shirina_chan 
Rating: G
Summary: Just a sketch I did a month ago.

Title: Anise .
Artist: shirina_chan 
Rating: G

Hope you'll like it. :D
You can also visit my DA page if you want.